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The art of good translation does not only involve lexical or syntactic correctness of texts entrusted. Apart from its contents, a good translation should reflect the spirit of a text translated as well as show logical and contextual coherence. Owing to over 15 years’ practice supported by experience, which is evident from thousands of pages translated, every ordered translation is tailor-made and unique.

Our Translation Office has already translated over 86420 pages and we have served a lot of various customers. Translations ordered by our customers are entrusted to specialist translators only. For example, technical translations are done by translators with technical education or respective experience, legal texts are entrusted to certified translators and oral translations are undertaken by those, who have already worked long hours interpreting during various events. We make all efforts and improve the quality of our services in order to meet increasing demands of our customers.


We translated for you




We translate both for corporations and individual customers. Each ordered translation is important for us, whether it is a single document or a large international project. Our ambition is to face any challenge. We specialise in: 


Text type Ordinary written translations  Certified written translations
ordinary documents Yes Yes
specialist texts Yes Yes



Legal and economic translations 
Text type Ordinary Certifield
proofreading Yes Yes
experts’ opinions Yes Yes
agreements and contracts Yes Yes
financial reports and statements Yes Yes
business correspondence Yes Yes
brochures, leaflets Yes Yes
multimedia presentations Yes Yes
products descriptions Yes Yes
shipping documents Yes Yes
covering letters Yes Yes


Translation of vital records
Text type Ordinary Certifield
certificates of birth, marriage and death etc. Yes Yes
court judgements and decisions. Yes Yes


Technical translation
Text type Ordinary Certifield
operation manuals Yes Yes
operation and maintenance documentation Yes Yes
product specifications Yes Yes
certificates of safety and quality Yes Yes
IT translations Yes Yes
information leaflets Yes Yes
licences, patents Yes Yes
vehicle registration documents, driving licences Yes Yes


Other translations
Text type Ordinary Certifield
medical decisions and opinions (sick leaves) Yes Yes
diplomas and certificates of school and course completion Yes Yes
tourism Yes Yes
private letters Yes Yes
electronic mail Yes Yes
UE translations Yes Yes
CVs Yes Yes
baking Yes Yes
building Yes Yes
IT Yes Yes
agriculture Yes Yes
technology Yes Yes
telecommunications Yes Yes
environmental protection Yes Yes




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